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A typical product of Lazio region



The typical agrarian product of Anguillara Sabazia is certainly the broccoletto, or in our local language the “broccoletti”, in fact the Anguillarini are called by the surrounding countries “broccolettari”. This product has been cultivating for many years and it diffuses a lot of anecdotes and popular saying. Some people say that initially it was used as forage for animals and then, during the war time, people started to eat it to avoid starvation. After that they discovered its alimentary qualities.


The broccoletto belongs to the family of “crucifer” or “brassica”, Brassica genre, oleaceus spiece. In this region are very diffused the “broccoletti of Anguillara Sabazia” and they obtained the recognition of typical product (G.U. n. 174 on the 25/08/2005).
The broccoletti plant is composed of a central trunk from which depart wide green leaves lobed irregularly. At the base of each leaf there is the floral scape, that when it is developed it will be collected, cutting the trunk at a high of 8-10 cm from the ground.

The cultivar that are used can be divided into two categories: precocious ones, late ones. The two tardy varieties are reproduced using the seed of 50 years ago. The flavor is sweet with an aftertaste of cauliflower.

The cultivation of this vegetable is winterly. The the crop starts with the sowing that happens at the end of September and after three weeks are obtained the buds and after few days starts the collection. On cut trunks, after few time, appear some sprouts, that we call “ciccetti” or “cicciarelli” that are tastier. The plant will become light yellow when it withers.


A traditional recipe is “the acquacotta of Anguillara”, consumed a lot by our grandfathers, where the basic ingredients were: broccoletti, then potatoes and a little anchovy.
Today, actually, the acquacotta is less cooked, but there are other recipes made with broccoletti (spaghetti with broccoletti, broccoletti cooked with pork sausages etc.)
If you want to use them as an outline, you have to cook them in a pot with water and then cook them in a frying pan with oil and garlic. Some people cook them directly in a frying pan with oil and hot pepper.

The A.P.A.A.S. Association (Association agrarian producer Anguillara Sabazia) and the Municipal Administration have put the achievement of public recognitions of IGP and DOP quality as the primary target and the promotion of the product through the festivity “Broccoletti in piazza” that takes place every year  on the first Sunday of February and it represents an event of attraction that goes over the regional and communal limits.

At the moment the surface that is cultivated with broccoletti in the territory of Anguillara is about 600 HA, and it depends on the soil and climatic conditions of the lacustrine environment. These characteristics encourage a farming, allowing to achieve a profit of 80-100 quintal for each HA.

From the nutritional point of view, the broccoletti have a good deal of proteins, minerals and vitamins. They are well described in this list.





Energy value

25 Kcal

20 Kcal

24 Kcal


3 g

3 g

2,6 g


2,4 g

1,3 g

2,3 g


0,4 g

0,4 g

0,5 g


3 g

2,7 g

2,5 g


13 mg

9 mg



370 mg

182 mg

61 mg


67 mg

59 mg



93 mg

76 mg



25 mg

16 mg


Pro-Vitamin A

630 ug

430 ug

483 ug

Vitamina C

110 mg

60 mg

60 mg

Vitamina B9

110 ug

73 ug

38,6 ug


Enoteca Regionale Palatium

Daily Green

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