Orti di Anguillara branding

Orti di Anguillara” is a farm registered with the Chamber of Commerce, created in January 2010 by a group of friends that live in Anguillara Sabazia, the motherland of the Special Broccoletti.

Behind this Company, as well as love for our land and its traditions, there is the purpose to make many admirers  sure of these delicious vegetables, which are typical in winter. They have the possibility to taste their flavor and to enjoy their nutritional benefits during the whole year.

After a year of studying, tests and dosage we made the perfect recipe, which is realized with fresh broccoletti and quality ingredients, highly selected, and finally we propose them to our public: the Broccoletti Cream, perfect culinary innovation. The product was promoted officially during the manifestation “Broccoletti in piazza”, that took place in Anguillara on 7th February 2010. It had a great success with bright appreciation by many people.

The base of our production are the Broccoletti of Anguillara. The Broccoletti obtained an important recognition of
Typical product of Lazio Region. Nowadays we are finishing the protocol to obtain the DOP brand.

The Broccoletti Cream is only the first innovation of our company; in fact, we are working to realize tasty variations of the cream, adding special ingredients that celebrate the Broccoletti flavor.

In production also products of the local and national wine and food tradition with other delicious vegetables of our manufacture in Anguillara.


Enoteca Regionale Palatium

Daily Green

~ Gli Orti di Anguillara ~

(C) 2010 Gli Orti di Anguillara

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