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Broccoletti in Piazza
Broccoletti in Piazza
07.02.2010 - 07.02.2010 
Anguillara Sabazia - Anguillara Sabazia
Town festivals


On the 7th of February at Square of Molo in Anguillara Sabazia, renewed the appointment with BROCCOLETTI IN SQUARE, the successful event that was realized by the Association Agricultural Producer Anguillara Sabazia (A.P.A.A.S.) to promote and diffuse the typical product of excellence, that for its characteristics, has obtained the recognition of Typical Product of Lazio Region.  In fact, are well known the high quality of this tender and tasty vegetable, not only in appearance and taste aspects, but also in terms of health and fitness due to its substances with nutritive powers with an antioxidant and anticancer action.

A blend of good food, accompanied by good wine, music and festive atmosphere made this event an established tradition, that over the years, has seen an increasing influx of visitors, locals and tourists, that chatting and listening to the nice folk music, will enjoy a good pasta dish of broccoletti sautéed with sausages.

Besides, this year, the possibility to enjoy a tasty new cuisine make it even more important not to miss the event: during the course of the day, you can try the very special taste of the new Broccoletti Cream that directly spread on bread or used in very good recipes for pasta dishes, quiches, omelets we will lick our whiskers! and then enjoy and good appetite at all!


Location Name:
Anguillara Sabazia
Piazza del molo
Anguillara Sabazia


Anguillara Sabazia (Roma)


Enoteca Regionale Palatium

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